Rhinestones & More

We have many different kinds of rhinestones so you can add just the right sparkle!


Our rhinestones come in a variety of sizes each with 8 sparkling facets and look great by themselves or combined with screenprinting. 


Rhinestuds have metallic all-over color like a stud, but are faceted like a rhinestone.  This hybrid stone has colorful metallic shine.  

Neon Rhinestones

Neon Rhinestones are simliar to Rhinestuds, they have an all-over neon gloss and are faceted like a rhinestone and are perfect for adding a pop of neon!


Nailheads are slightly domed and round with a shiny metal finish.


Studs are much more 3D then nailheads and have a matte metallic finish.  

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Our new virtual catalog collection is growing...take a look at some of the products we offer and some sample designs in our virtual catalogs.  

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